Wanyah Leon
Creative Producer, Dancer and Photographer, Wanyah “Leon” Frazier is a Milwaukee Born, Jamaican - American Artist & Entrepreneur dedicated to the expansion of Arts Equity. As a Performer, Entrepreneur, Artistic Consultant and avid Arts Educator, he has explored the professional Arts world from all sides.
With organizations such as The Milwaukee Repertoire Theater, Black Arts MKE, NeWaukee, MARN ART + CULTURE HUB, Joy Engine and Danceworks in his creative portfolio, he endeavors to build a new Ecosystem for Artists of Color to live and thrive.
The Art
Picking up a camera in 2022, Wanyah Leon quickly fell in love with the ability to capture moods and moments. His photographic  portfolio includes a diverse blend of natural light portraiture, lifestyle and event photography.
Through photography, he aspires to capture Artists & Peoples of Color through a luminous lens; giving depth to their creative and lived experiences. 
The Ecosystem
As a part of his mission to uplift and support Artists of Color, Wanyah Leon actively works to cultivate the "Ecosystem", a network of organizations, artists and leaders that work collaboratively to create continual opportunities for Artists to create.
With more organizations planned to launch in 2024, the following orgs are directly under his purview:
WoLF Studios MKE | A Multi-media, Multi-genre Design & Production Firm
Insomniac MKE | A Production & Event Studio
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